Arakan Factory for Aluminium and Metals is one fo the factories working in the field of aluminium, iron, wood, glass and mirrors in Saudi Arabia and it evolved, praise be to Allah, to become one of the advanced factories in this field.

We are proud that these sectors with their cadres and capabilities work in a highly efficient manner while executing their works, having experience of 30 years in distinct and diversified activities including industry, maintenance, internal design and consulting services, etc.

The confidence of our clients in us has played a great rove over long years in establishing our reputation, building deep-rooted relations with them and we are still serving them.

Our vision is to be the major player in Saudi Arabia as to rendering the services for all companies with their different activities and with the accuracy and quality complying with the international specifications within the specified time.

The record of our achievement has demonstrated our success. When we enter upon work, despites its challenges, we confidently achieve what is expected from us. In addition to establishing permanent relations with clients based on the mutual confidence.

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