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ALFA is a brick manufacturing & supplying company, founded in June 2000 and has its head office Exit 17, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We manufacture and supply Interlocking Blocks for all building & beautification purposes. Interlocking Blocks caters for all your construction needs ranging from construction of buildings, schools, homes and security walls other premises. We manufacture & supply interlocking blocks for construction & are dedicated to reduce the cost of construction by ensuring affordable & decent housing is accessible to all. You can use Interlocking blocks many number of reasons, including sustainability, durability, thermal comfort and the many design possibilities it opens up, face block should top the consideration list of building materials for your project.

The Alfa Interlock Company is the local company to produce tiles and interlock. It is still continuing to produce them and develop various types of them, both concrete and colored. The advantages of ALFA Tiles and Interlock are their numerous different measurements and shapes. This makes it possible to combine them to obtain attractive designs. They are produced in many beautiful colors and with a plain or smooth surface that has various.

The Company provides a service by transporting tiles to working site to ensure they arrive undamaged at the specified time, as well as a consultancy and technical information service related to ways of laying tiles and maintenance methods. It also provides many designs and methods of combining colors, to enable clients to choose.

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